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About KFU

And why we do what we do
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The goal of this Corporation is simple.

KarmaFleet University seeks to train new pilots to be productive and successful in New Eden as well as to provide a lasting home for veteran highsec pilots who wish to benefit the next generation of gamers in an organized and war-dec free environment.

  • Founded:21.09.2019
  • Founder:Umo Nyxt
  • CEO:MerkeIchen
  • Staging:0.5 Serren < Mih < Genesis
  • Public Channel:KFU
  • War Eligibility:Not War Eligible

What we offer


Learn the basics (and some advanced stuff) about EVE from our in-house and guest instructors

Ship Replacement Program

Killed by other players in Highsec? No worries, we reimburse most commonly-used T1 ships

People To Fly With

Join our Discord server, where you can always find a community to hang out, fly with, or just chat among friends

Free Ships

Want to go and test your abilities? No worries - take a free frigate and chase down hostiles in the name of Pancake Cat!!

PVP Fleets

Join up with Mind1, Arza, Quartz, Feck or other Fleet Commanders in search of other players to fight with. Hop into a free ship and go forth to PVP glory!

Station Services

In our home area we have agreements which lend us access to a wide variety of structures and facilities to make your gametime profitable and convenient.

Classes and fleets for everyone

For full details, check the #coordination channel

Classes (EVE Time)

Mondays (18:30)
Thursday Nights (Friday in-game time) (02:00)

How to EVE

KarmaFleet University

Learn the basics of EVE Online with this introductory level class, designed for both new and returning players.

Alternating Tuesdays (19:00)
Saturdays (22:00)

How to Exploration

KarmaFleet University

A deep dive into the unknowns of EVE Online, in search of wealth and adventure.

Alternating Sundays
(20:00 / 0100 [Monday in-game time])

How to Industry

KarmaFleet University

Take a walk through the basics of industry, from mining and blueprints through to module and ship production.

Every other Thursday (18:30)

How to Abyssal

KarmaFleet University

Take a trip into the one of the most lucrative and dangerous places in the game in search of advanced technology and resources.

Rotating Times on alternating Fridays
(19:30 / 0030 [Saturday in-game time]

How to Fleet

KarmaFleet University

Learn a thing or two about how to function as a member of a fleet.

Times and Dates are Variable
[Check the #coordination channel on Discord]

How to Bank Robbery (ESS)

KarmaFleet University

Go forth and pillage the riches of unattended nullsec with our class on hit and run looting.

Fleets (EVE Time)

Every Tuesday (22:30)

Mid-Week Mashup with Mind1

KarmaFleet University

Fly into the fray with our in-house DJ, Mind1.

Rotating Times on alternating Fridays
(21:00 / 0200 [Saturday in-game time]

Friday Night Fights

KarmaFleet University

Bring your favorite beverage and come rampage the galaxy.

Every other Saturday (22:00)

Tackle and Small Gang PvP

KarmaFleet University

The art of tackle and how to survive as the attacker and victim is crucial, we will show you the way.

Times and Dates are Variable
[Check the #coordination channel on Discord]

Combat Fleet Intro/Lowsec Roam

KarmaFleet University

Fleet Commanders take out fleets throughout the week and ships are almost always handed out.

Stations (Available on Serren)

Serren - Market and Clone Freeport

Market and Clone Freeport

University Holdings

This Fortizar is equipped for market trading, clone swapping and ore compression.

Serren - Refinery Freeport
University Holdings

We have some of the best refining yields that Highsec can offer.

Serren – Shipyard Freeport
University Holdings

Enjoy building ship hulls, components, and structures here.

Serren – Workshop Freeport
University Holdings

Build all your ammunition, drones, and equipment here.

Serren – Lab and Blueprint Freeport
University Holdings

Use this structure to research (and invent) all of your blueprints.

Pancake Cat

Glory to Pancake Cat
Pancake Cat

Pancake Cat story

Pancake Cat came about one day while Broodin was still il college; He had a job at IHOP as a line cook when a gang of bikers rode in and began harrasing the waitress at the front counter. Broodin, not willing to stand by like the customers who hid, walked out from behind the grill with a massive tray of pancakes and waffles and began hurling them rapidly at the bikers. Batter beaten, and syrup soaked, the bikers fled the scene; However as the pilice arrived a stray cat had gotten into the IHOP and was playing and eating all the pancakes strewn about,
thus Pancake Cat was born.

If you want to know more about Pancake Cat, please visit the website https://pancakecat.com


How to reach us

Find us on EVE Online (click on image to enlarge)

How to join KFU

Join our Discord

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